220 | Monkeys :: Bohol, Philippines, 2013

This little guy hails from the tiny island of Bohol, Philippines, and is known as the world’s smallest monkey. Believe it or not, I actually took this trip just to visit this monkey. It was during my world wandering days and it did not take much to entice me to take a detour somewhere. It’s nocturnal and comes out to eat insects, lizards, and tiny birds at night. During the day it’s usually just sleeping and I had to be very quiet when going through the sanctuary. I asked the guide whether I can pet the monkey because I saw it on a travel blog and he just looked me like I was a dumb tourist (which was accurate I guess).

But guess what? It’s also not a monkey! It’s a tarsier, commonly known as owl monkey, and it’s only a monkey cousin like the gorilla. But it was cute and the trip was worth it 🙂

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