195 | Palaces and Stuff :: Vienna, Austria, 2016

The Belvedere palace was built in the 18th century as a summer residence for some prince. As an UNESCO World Heritage Site, it boasts one of the best art collections in Austria. We arrived too late (and honestly too tired of museums) to look at the actual art. Walking through the gardens though, we were surprised at how unkempt everything looked. Overgrown weeds had taken over the flowers, which had long lost the pattern they were supposed to form.

Having recently purchased a home and promptly killed the lush lawn that came with it, I feel the pain somewhat. It took me a while to realize that keeping up a home requires a more dedication that merely owning a home, and now understand what people mean when you ask what they did over the weekend and their response is only “do some work around the house.”

As I gradually learn how to take care of my little house that’s nothing like a palace, I’m growing more fond of it. Each day it feels more like home. Spring will arrive soon, and perhaps it’s time to plant some flowers.

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