160 | Self Portraits :: Shanghai, China, 2014

Getting ready for a friend’s S&M themed birthday party. Behind me are three of my best girlfriends in Shanghai, putting on this look that really wasn’t something we are familiar or comfortable with. In fact, my entire party centric life in Shanghai was something that I wasn’t familiar or comfortable with, but I’m glad I experienced it, embraced it, and finally moved on from it.

We called our close knit group the selfie group. There was a time when it seemed nothing could bring us down from our high on life. We roamed the town like it was ours, and we loved each other. Then something started breaking, and then more things, and now the group I know is no more.

No regrets though, I don’t know how I would have gotten over my break up, and my life in Shanghai would have been a lot less exciting. At the very least, I got to know this other side of me, and then figured out what I was really looking for, and found some amazing friends along the way.

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