011 | Night :: Barcelona, Spain, 2010

What’s not to love about Barcelona? If you like art there’s the Picasso Museum, if you like architecture you can spend all day chasing after Gaudi,if you like sports then you wouldn’t want to miss a chance to visit Camp Nou, and if you want the touristy experience Las Ramblas is the where you should stay.

Spain was the first European country I ever visited, and still one of my favorites. Its liveliness is contagious, and I loved interacting with the friendly locals. The food is absolutely amazing, even if dinner time is closer to my usual bedtime. After a whole day of Gaudi pilgrimage, I really didn’t think I would be impressed by anything else. But the Montjuïc Magic Fountain did not disappoint. Unlike the Bellagio fountains, this show lasts for a whole hour. People arrived early to find the best spot, and there weren’t layers and layers of people stacking their phones and cameras on top of each other to block the view (then again this was 2010). Although we didn’t get there early enough for the best spot, I’m glad I got to capture the show’s popularity.

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