010 | Night :: Tulum, Mexico, 2016

Just a few of us headed down to the beaches of Tulum in celebration of Elaine’s birthday. The official birthday dinner was at an Italian restaurant right by the beach. Our table sat on a terrace overlooking the water, our wine glasses shimmered next to the candle filled jars, and we cheered to friendship and happiness.

We headed down to the beach after dinner. The moon was full, and shone so brightly you almost wonder if it’s the sun playing a trick. The clouds were still. The ocean sang rhythmically, its waves pushed to shore unhurriedly, leaving an abstract drawing that disappeared before I can make sense of it. The ultimate zen garden. I snapped this picture of Elaine in one of her contemplative moments, possibly doing an overly critical introspection of her life. It’s a side of her that I know of but rarely see, given her natural conviviality. Although there were no words spoken, it’s still a cherished moment in our friendship 🙂

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