008 | Night :: San Francisco, CA, 2012

While not my best photography work, I love this photo of the Valentine’s Day pillow fight one rainy night in San Francisco. It’s events like this that makes this city so vibrant and dynamic, the willingness of strangers to come together to celebrate a silly idea with utmost enthusiasm. Not to mention Valentine’s Day is one of my least favorite holidays, even when I’m not single. Fabricating an artificial holiday when you are expected to show your affection not only creates anxiety (is it too early for a gift? Is it too expensive/too cheap? Why is a rose so expensive? How could I possibly get a restaurant reservation at this hour?) and disappointment (most in the form of “I expected more”), but it also takes away from the romanticism of a spontaneous gift, presented on serendipitous occasions, unexpected therefore exceeding all expectations.

Long story short, as I watched the feather and rain dance in the night sky that Valentine’s Day, I fell in love with this city all over again.

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