007 | Night :: Chefchauen, Morocco, 2016

I don’t usually explore cities at night. It’s an unfortunate necessity of traveling alone as a woman. For the most part I’m happy with that arrangement, as I don’t particularly care about the party scene, and at the end of a long day of exploring, I’m happy to unwind and go to bed early to get ready for another full day. On the rare occasions where I’m traveling with friends, I do enjoy a nice stroll through the city, since it often seems like a different world than the one I saw just a few hours earlier.

Chefchauen, better known as the Blue City, is my favorite town in Morocco. The city is quiet at night. We had a late dinner, and as we slowly made our way back to the hotel, the only sound we heard was our echoing footsteps, and those of a few passersby. An older gentleman strolled past us, his traditional robe, the djellaba, adding a bit more exotic flavor to this already mesmerizing place.

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