005 | Reflect :: MoMA, NYC, 2010

“Humor. Love. Imagination. Inclusivity. The best art taps into our shared experiences and emotions. It moves. It inspires. It entertains. It reflects life.”

In my early days I did not appreciate abstract art. My taste for modern art stopped at the impressionists, the dreaminess of Monet’s water lilies and Degas’ ballet dancers. Then I discovered the German expressionists through an art history lecture on Die Brucke and Die Blaue Reiter. It had not been love at first sight, but when the professor enthusiastically guided us through the historical background and political influences that led to the emergence of the the art movement, the art spoke more, and I was humbled by my ignorance.

The MoMA and the Met are must visits for me every time I go to New York City. I prefer to go alone, at my own pace, skipping entire galleries and spending hours in others. When I sit down to rest in front of an inviting piece, I’m often distracted by other visitors. Do they see what I see? Do they feel how I feel? I wonder. Sometimes I sneak a photo or two of unsuspecting subjects, juxtaposing them just so, that they become part of the art too.

Art is subjective because it reflects something different in each beholder. When it speaks, sometimes it’s a whisper, and other times a scream. Sometimes, it says nothing at all. In a way, I guess that’s what this project is all about, reflecting on the stories the pictures told, one day at a time.

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